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About Us

Since our inception, Honeycomb Secure Systems has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality technology practice.


The geometric structure of the honeycomb is one of the most fortified design patterns adopted from nature and utilized in modern engineering design. While proven to be architecturally steadfast, it's design flexibility allows for the effortless evolution of growth and expansion while challenging innovation.

Sheila Thompson


Honeycomb Secure Systems, Inc. was formed in May 2016 with a focus on highly secure Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and systems to support government, critical infrastructure and related industry partners.


Mrs. Sheila Thompson was the Founder and Chairwoman of Honeycomb Secure Systems until her untimely death in the Spring of 2018. During her thirty-eight-year career in public service and the government workplace she earned the Department of the Army Superior Civilian Service Award. After retirement she continued this dedication and professionalism and subsequently, in 2008 she founded Thompson Gray Inc., which evolved into a leading provider of budget/financial management and acquisition support services.


Mrs. Thompson’s vision was to bring that same experience and service commitment to a new challenge. Our team is dedicated to executing the vision in her memory.


Thomas R. Goldberg

Executive VP

Mr. Goldberg is a senior advisor to management responsible for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hardware security. He oversees the management team responsible for strategic alliances.  Tom was the author of federal law governing DoD Information and Communications Technology (ICT) supply-chain security. Mr. Goldberg also serves on the Honeycomb Secure Systems Board of Directors.

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